Karen Burbano

15 Mar 2021

I have always been interested in the visual representation of emotions: something that contains abstract and subjective information. Humans invest feelings into pets, but we cannot prove for certain t ...

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Bamboo Housing

03 Mar 2021

A group of bamboo experts around the world have improved and standardised a traditional bamboo housing technology to help communities in need in developing countries. This is a sustainable, low cost a ...

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25 Feb 2021

Ellipsis is a cooperative board game for creative story lovers. Using sticker-words, people take it in turns to create short parts of a story, however omitting the finale and using the symbol “... ...

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The Nave

17 Feb 2021

The Nave is a collective of artists that raises awareness of consumerism. Since 2015 they have performed and exhibited in different areas of South London. Now with a more sophisticated angle and bigge ...

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