Hi there! I am Karen, and rather than listing my work history and achievements, I would prefer to share a short story about myself, since in the end we are all humans and humans like stories. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a copywriter, but my friends and colleagues tell me that they feel inspired when they listen to my ideas and stories - I think that’s why I am great at selling them to my clients.

My first memory as a creative is at 2, damaging my sister's homework with colour pencils. At 8 I finished my first oil painting (Mum still has it hung in the living room). At 10 I learnt packaging and I thought to myself “why not make money out of it?”… but Dad said I was too young to run a business. At 15 I got rebellious and drew huge manga characters in the basketball court school (the nuns were not particularly happy).

Guess what? … yes, I decided to study design, not just in my country, but also here in London and even NY. Learning is my middle name, because taking courses (illustration techniques, photography, strategy and more) in parallel with my education and work makes me feel stronger and sharper as a professional. Resilience is my surname - moving to a different country and studying abroad in a second language makes me feel so proud, especially because I am the first member of my entire family to achieve a Master’s Degree (remember that Latin American families are massive!).

You will see later in my profile that I have worked for renewed creative agencies. It was incredible; working for international brands with amazing creative people that became my very good friends. For me, it is important to create friendly environments where everybody feels comfortable. This naturally brings more organic research to the table, and from there we can create a well-structured strategy, which I can then transform into inspiring visual communication. I combine all my experience to build brave and conscious brand projects.

I feel lucky to do what I love for a living.
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